Get Off the Sidelines!


Be a part of the movement and participate in building a better future for our country! Join this historical campaign and stand up for the values that make our country great. Make a difference.




The Future Australia Party will make decisions based on fact, based on science, based on data. We will consult with experts and we will seek to define the net benefits of each solution for Australia in 30 years from now. ALL political decisions will be made after asking;

“What is in the best interest of the future of Australia”


Our pledge is simple.

We are accountable to the future of Australia and we are guided by the principles of accountability, transparency, integrity, unity and true democracy.



We will publish clear, transparent infographics or summaries of the findings of that research.

We will offer simple matrix’s which summarise all political and fiscal issues and showcase the various solutions offered or proposed by each party. If we don’t think their solutions are up to scratch – we will ask Australia to help us workshop possible solutions.

We will simplify the complex and publish the bullet points.

We will cut out the crap.

We will INFORM Australia.

We will develop an app for our supporters, for all Australians alike. We will use this app to interact with Australians, we will ask for their views, their thoughts, their ideas. We will submit polls daily for those who want them (and it won’t cost $122 Million either).

We will communicate what we are doing, everyday. We will make our diaries and calendars public. We will do our best to be available to all Australians.

We will ENGAGE Australia.

Our representatives will publish daily video blogs of their days, offering insight into what they actually do on  taxpayer dime.

We will offer so much content and transparency, that no opposition party or media organisation could ever twist our words – because all our words will be available to everyone, online, all the time.

We will publish LIVE and INTERACTIVE financial tallies and data. Every dollar we receive, every dollar we spend will be mapped and published, LIVE.


We are looking for 150 smart, passionate, open-minded future candidates to pledge to represent us.

We will do this via social media, and we will do it soon #futureaustralia

We will do our best to fix this broken system.

We pledge to disrupt – with the best interests of the Future of Australia in our mind.

But we need your help!

In order for Future Australia to lodge our application to the AEC, we need >500 Australians to register as members to our party.

Help us offer a better option for Australia in the 18/19 Federal Election – we feel we all deserve it!