Housing Affordability


It is in the best interests for all Australians, now and into the future, to have access to affordable housing.


We’re not offering ‘our solution’ or making any promises to solve housing affordability in Australia.

What we do promise, is to research this issue thoroughly, engage with industry experts both in Australia and around the world, process the information, then publish simple & clear infographic(s) to inform Australians to explain the key elements of the ‘problem’ as well as the various ‘positions’ and ‘solutions’ available. Once you have the data – we’ll ask you what YOU think we should vote for in parliament.

That’s the pledge.

Research > Publish & Inform > Vote

…. we are a new (& seriously under-funded) movement. We’d love to have a team of researchers getting this data together for you right now… but alas, we’re not big enough to pay people yet! So bare with us, below we have outlined the facts available to us right now! Watch this space!


A generational threat

Young first time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase a home. On a person basis the rate of home ownership in the prime 25 – 34 year age group has slumped from 56% in 1982 to only 34% in 2011. Delayed entry into home ownership is a factor, but it turns out that these declines have set in across all but the post-retirement age group. The “Australian dream” of home ownership is under threat. (Source: The Conversation:  & 


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