Justice Reforms


What improvements do we need to make to ensure the Australian justice system of the future is the best it can be?

It’s in the best interests of Future Australians that we give a voice to victims of crime (and their families) who have been let down by our system – and it’s our pledge to ‘hack’ the system and offer Australians some insight into the problems – as well as solutions that might address them.

Beyond that – we’re not offering ‘our solution’ or making any promises about how ‘we’ could solve the numerous issues within our justice system… but it can no longer stay in the ‘too hard basket’.

In our effort to research the issues surrounding the Australian justice system, we’d first like to ask YOU.

Very soon, we’ll load a survey to ask our supporters about the issues they’ve encountered getting justice in this country. We’ll ask you if it’s OK to publish your story (anonymously, of course), so that we can all digest the scale of this issue.

Then we hope to seek council and advice from experts as to what possible solutions can be introduced to tackle the problems we expect to uncover. This is an inquiry – an inquiry into the search for ‘justice’ in Australia. Watch this space.

…. we are a new (& seriously under-funded) movement. We’d love to have a team of researchers getting this data together for you right now… but alas, we’re not big enough to pay people yet! So bare with us, below we have outlined the facts available to us right now! Watch this space!