The Crown


Is it in Australia’s best interest, now and into the future, that Australia becomes a republic?

When the Queen passes away, Australia would be forced to change our currency to reflect the new sovereign – would that not be the optimal time to split from England, and become a Republic?

Should Australia become a Republic?
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We don’t have a position on this just yet, but we pledge to research this questions and better understand the costs and conditions involved in such a process. Once we have the data, we’ll publish a simple & clear infographic(s) to inform Australians of the options (and the costs involved). Armed with information – we’ll ask you what YOU think we should vote for in parliament.

That’s the pledge.

Research > Publish & Inform > Vote

…. we are a new (& seriously under-funded) movement. We’d love to have a team of researchers getting this data together for you right now… but alas, we’re not big enough to pay people yet! So bare with us, below we have outlined the facts available to us right now! Watch this space!


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